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Top Performance Networks. Empowered Members.

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Now free in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virgina

Engage members with next-generation performance networks

We help engage and refer your members to high-performing providers to ensure that value and member satisfaction is not lost along the way

Reduce out-of-network spend. Substantially.

Better rates for your membership, reduced costs for claims operations.

Optimize plan delivery with real-time feedback

Understand what is working and isn't working for your members. Without 18 months lag time.

Universal Provider Directory. Real-time entries updated by plans, providers, and users. Feature rich including pictures, social media integration, and ridesharing

Artificial Intelligence optimizes care recommendations for quality and cost value. The RelayCare Score is a personalized score for each configuration based on the member's plan design, the provider's cost, and the community's feedback

Engage your members in real-time. Answer questions, share push notifications, and provide additional care navigation where needed