Introducing RelayCare with COVID-19 Testing

Now you can get free COVID-19 testing access with the latest update


Ben Pugh

April 29, 2020

RelayCare now lets you find COVID-19 testing sites in Washington DC, NoVA, and MD

Find Free COVID-19 Testing Sites. Only on RelayCare.

DC, Maryland, and Virgina

Announcing Free COVID-19 Testing For Everyone (DC, VA, and MD)

COVID19. We weren't ready for it. None of us were.

As we approach week 7, we are starting to get stronger. Our community is safely socially distanced. Our healthcare workers are getting closer to having the PPE and equipment they need. And testing is finally available in more than ~100 per week. It's freaking awesome to see how much the tides have started to turn in April.

As we poise ourselves to get ready to "beat this thing", immediate testing, tracing, and treatment becomes more crucial than ever.

Today, we are excited to bring free COVID-19 testing sites for DC, VA, and MD. All on the newest RelayCare app update.

What's Free

  • Nearly all private and public insurance plans have expanded coverage to include costs related to COVID-19 testing. Depending on your plan, you might need to go to a designated testing site (options included on RelayCare for each plan).
  • If you don't have insurance, some public clinics have partnered with local and state government free of charge (options included on RelayCare).
  • If you believe you have symptoms, you will need to call the designated testing site for a preliminary "telehealth" screening over the phone. They will confirm that your symptoms indicate that you should recieve a test.
  • Designated testing sites are changing daily. RelayCare app is available for free for DC, MD, and VA residents and includes real-time support for 99% of public and private healthcare options.

If you are interested in bringing RelayCare to your workplace, please contact our team.

Be careful of what's not free

  • If you are experiencing severe symptoms you should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room / hospital
  • If you are hospitalized, this full cost of the medical bill has not been waived by your insurance. There are ways to minimize this cost, which we will write about in another post
  • If you have private insurance with an exclusive network (for example, Kaiser), you must prioritize going to one of their designated locations first. While they have annecdotally mentioned flexibility in exceptional cases, if you have a reasonable in-network option close by, you should take it

When you should go, when you should stay

Testing still needs to be prioritized for individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, our frontline workers, and those who have existing health risks. The healthcare system does not have excess testing capacity (yet!) for voluntary testing.

RelayCare's information is updated hourly by our staff and reports from our communinty. Get involved and help keep everyone informed of their options.

Find Free COVID-19 Testing Sites. Only on RelayCare.

DC, Maryland, and Virgina



Ben Pugh

Founder & CEO, RelayCare

Ben is a mathematician and self-taught full-stack software engineer.